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EXPLORA was dedicated to Claudie Haigneré

A conceptual album featuring a non stop 14 tracks play-list.

"Taking advantage of a Discovery shuttle fly ticket, in a way of a 21st century's Christopher Colombus, this album invites us to a sound worlds exploration featuring undefinable reflects. Throughout some synchronous reverberated melodies, also tinted with both positivism and melancholy, telluric hummings, atmospheric choirs, sunny climates, oxyacetylenic rains, twinklings in levitation, and other cloudy calmness atmospheres are meeting". EXPLORA was dedicated to Claudie Haigneré (born Andre-Deshays), the first French female astronaut and currently French Minister for Research and New technologies.

"Sylvain, infinite thanks for your great album.
I congratulate you and hope you will find again a thousand of
nice ways to give a place for dreams all along your life.
Thank you for your encouragements and your sensitiveness. "

Claudie Haigheré ( Born André-Deshays ) - July 1998.

The Instruments involved in the Making of EXPLORA were the following : Theremin, Kurzweil K2000 v2.0, Korg M1, Korg 01W/fd, Oberheim Matrix 6, EMS VCS3, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Korg Polysix, Roland JV-1080. The totality of the Album was recorded on an 8 track recording system (Roland VS880).

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