Les Voisins de l'Archange

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The Mont St Michel is The Wonder of the Western World.

"Les Voisins de l'Archange" is a Franck Cuvelier 's documentary about the Mont St Michel :
The Mont St Michel 's Bay is today classified as part of the UNESCO's World Patrimony. The Stranding of the Bay, the agression of the buildings by the salted air from the sea and the elements hence became the utmost worry which summons up all the scientists energy and the worldwide community funds... But no word about these people living around in this unique Bay and no word about these people who are living on this magnificient rock as big as shooner anchored in the middle of the quicksand. Beyond a 1.5 Million of Toursists who came up each year from everywhere else on the planet, there are still today in this Bay and up on the Mont St Michel some outstanding people who are the living history of this place : shrimpers, sheep farmers, scientists, monks or souvenirs retailers, carpenters or lecturers, postmen or dreamers, here are the genuine holders of a unique culture that they embody with a lot of simplicty and that they generously shared to make this documentary. Heirs to a thousand years of human presence in this spot, these people from the Mont and from the Bay, scattered over 400 square kilometers, or 'lost' among a hundred of thousand of daily visitors, these people ,allmost invisible, invite us to rediscover a historical site which is their own Land, their work and their entertainment place. They tell us in just few words and few gestuals how nothing here can be ordinary. This Documentary has been named part of the UNESCO's World Patrimony.

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