29th March 2006 - Solar Total Eclipse - Apollo Temple (Turkey)

Tourists cheer as they view a solar eclipse in front of Apollo Temple in the Turkish Mediterranean coastal resort of Side, Turkey, Wednesday March 29, 2006.. Astronomers from NASA and Britain's Royal Institute of Astronomy watched the eclipse from an ancient Roman theater.Total solar eclipse began at sunrise on the eastern tip of Brazil, crossesed the Atlantic and made landfall in Ghana, headed north across the Sahara, the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and the Black Sea, and on into Central Asia, where it will finally die out at sunset in Mongolia. Pictures from Apollo temple entered the Explora album front page design. A symetry was featured to compose a triangular perspective.
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The evening following the eclipse, I took a picture of the new borned thin Moon's crescent, just a couple of minutes after the sunset. The entire moon disc could be guessed thanks to the light rays "ping pong game" that occurs between the Earth and the Moon in those particular conditions. See below !