Sylvain KEPLER
Nationality : French
Born in Paris , March 1975.

A first contact happened with an electronic keyboard at the age of 5 in 1980. Self learned playing synthesizers, music composition, arrangement and sound design since the age of 10. Composed first tape demos ("ElectroLife", "Ozone Times") at 15 using one of the first Music Workstation synthesizers designed by Roland (D20, Linear Arithmetic synthesis) in 1989 and becomes registered member at the french Composers Society (SACEM).

S.K. began working a first CD album project in the summer 1995 ("Blue Travel"), involving the legendary Kurzweil K2000 sampler workstation (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) and the famous EMS VCS3 analog synthesizer (Voltage Controlled Studio with 3 oscillators) designed by Peter Zinovieff in 1969 : a first complete self-produced CD album named 'EXPLORA' was dedicated to the first French Female Spationaut Claudie Heigneré (Born Andre-DESHAYS) in 1998 following her Cassiopeia mission in the MIR space station : "find again a thousand nice ways to give place for dreams all along your life" she replied.

Sylvain KEPLER then entered a period of work in the fields of Electronics (mobile phone industry). During this period he tended reconsidering his composition methods and techniques, renewed an entire instruments set gathering some of the best hardware instruments available up to date (Virus TI, Kyma , Neuron, Triton studio) and some natural sounds ( Icebergs, Waterfalls, Geysers, Mudpots, Sulfatars, Windmills, Glaciers, Butterflies, Polar Desert Aurora VLF sounds…) he digitally recorded accross some European Northen countries (Ireland, Northern UK, Iceland and Greenland) , Southern France and then Venice between 2000 and 2004.

Volunteer to take part to the next development of a future O.S 2.0 update for the Neuron synthesizer( Articifial Neural Networks and Template driven Multi-Component Particle Transform Synthesis) which he considers as his favourite instrument (power posters in the Neuron's forum users community), S.K. went back learning Electronics in 2004 to graduate from the french Museum and College of Arts and Crafts in 2007 (and becomes Electronics engineer to work in the field of signal processing and digital design industry).

Upon a new professional chapter about to begin (as Electronics engineer), S.K. will next work for up to 3 years on a new conceptual album project , by autumn 2007, involving all the previous said material and knowledge 'heritage' gained from these last 10 years (throughout learning, devices and travels).