08th August 2007 :
3 years have passed, during which I successfuly completed an Electronics engineering diploma cursus at the french Museum and College of Arts and Crafts. Now back to take over the music related controls, the first composition (due to enter the new 2nd conceptual album project) will be issued towards December 2007. At this occasion this webspace might be temporarily out of reach : hence a new version of this webspace will come and replace the current one, with further conciseness, artworks and interactivity. By the 1st track to the very last one, this is a new story that begins now.

27th May 2007 :
Following to some opinion a visitor mailed me recently, here is a little bio that makes a summuray about 25 years passed since I put my hands on a keyboard for the first time. At this occasion, an short excerpt I recovered from a tape I recorded 16 years ago is now featured : Listen to the final ambient section of the "Ozone Times" track I composed in 1991 when I was 15, exploiting the Roland D20 Music Worstation ring modulators !

24th February 2007:
Due to a high BOTs attacks level in the GuestBook forum section, the FORUM is definitely now accessible to registered users only. Hence if you wish to enter my GuestBook, you need to create a profile. A visual cryptographic feature has now been implemented to access this space. By creating your own profile, you become elligible to receive automatically mailed information and news I will communicate in the future.

11th October 2006
Native Instruments KORE has joined the studio instruments set. KORE is an all-in-one solution integrating a sound interface and a Meta controler. Hence KORE makes a interesting host to bring the NEURON VS to a recording session. Future Software Synthsizers will be controlled thanks to KORE : its fine controls go beyond the 8bits midi resolution. This makes sound tweakings as real as the real analog counterparts.

15th September 2006:
Virus goes TI ! The Virus Indigo II has been transacted. Now the new Virus TI keyboard version, named 'Best hardware synthesizer' by 58 magazines from all over the world (Total Integration) takes place in the Studio.

29th March 2006:
Tourists cheer as they view a solar eclipse in front of Apollo Temple in the Turkish Mediterranean coastal resort of Side, Turkey, Wednesday 29 Mar (AP). Did you know it ? : Apollo Temple columns are actual colums that entered the Explora Album Front page graphic design.

19th March 2006 :
In 1998 Ferry and Tijs decided to produce together under the GOURYELLA name and hence GOURYELLA was born. The act name GOURYELLA is a reference to the hereafter of the Aboriginals. The first same name single "Gouryella" is a phenomenal piece of trance.

16th February 2006 :
The FORUM section is now operational. This brand new webspace will enhance communication and interaction with the S.K.W. visitors.
This space is yours !

11th february 2006 :
My webspace statistics reports that very few visitors know about the "Iris player", an interactive way I designed to discover long excertps from the Explora album in mp3 format. The "Iris player" is a flash application that interacts with an html frame. By clicking over 'facets' (which symbolise the original album tracklist) , the listerner can access the excertps in a poetic manner, first by an embeded low resolution format, then by following the mp3 link proposed. The link to this flash design is now available from the front page, in the "latest features" list.

1st january 2006 :
Nucleopolis (Explora album) is part of the first Kyma Podcast broadcasted from the graphicalsound website. This tracklist also includes Carla Scaletti (creator of Kyma) and Matteo Milani works. I would like to sincerely thanks Matteo for having compiled this file. This is a real honor of being part of this first chapter.

It's also time to find good resolutions for the new year that just began today ! While I'm studying the Fourrier Transform, I will begin this year by the Fourrier Trivia ;).. This will be a starting point to my new born interest for the Wavelet Transform. I will grow later on a dedicated section to this mathematical tool that actually finds numerous applications in various fields such as picture compression( Jpeg and Mpeg formats)... but music too !

8th December 2005 :
6 days ago the official hartmann's website went off. To keep this story on, I put back online on through my own webspace most of the Neuron relative documentation. The new available sub-section called "Neuron Resources Revival" will keep growing (more pictures and more downloads to come) and will be a new optional "central" space to watch for helping the Neuron users community.

22nd November 2005 :
The Neuron's hardware has been updated. Two sticks of 512Mb are now sitting at the heart of the machine. A total of 1GB is now available to shelter the longest possible sonic models.Have a look to see what resides inside my instument ! To further complete the set, the Neuron VS (virtual emulation of the hardware version) has been acquired recently , hence giving further options to create and manipulate modeled sounds.

21 August 2005
Bob Moog was a pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. He died at the age of 71.The Bob Moog Foundation has been created as a memorial, with the aim of continuing his life's work of developing electronic music.
Bob, You live in our music and in our hearts. Rest in peace...

19th July 2005 :
The Einstein's Legacy : The international test plant, ITER which will be built at Caderache in Southern France should release ten times as much energy as is required to ignite the fusion fire. A report dealing with the Fusion principes available in pdf format ( french only ). I wrote this medium at the occasion of talk I gave exposing the magnetic fusion a couple of weeks ago for my studies (to be in the wave).

15th March 2005 :
"Forum" and "Links" navigation labels now implemented. Only the links section is available. A forum section will come later.

11th January 2005 :

3 days to the strangest hours in the history of space exploration.(Cassini-Huygen Mission to Saturn). Huygens probe to parachute to the surface of Titan on January 14th. A good occasion to recall another great moment of space exploration : in 1977 the two Voyager Spacecrafts where launched. Affixed to each Voyager craft is a gold-coated copper phonograph record as message for E.I. called the Voyager Interstellar Record.

21st November 2004 :
The Benji Jump Experience : What does it feel like flying ? What does if feel like kissing life in the weightlessness ? Give yourself an unusual Rendez vous with your own life continuum... A ticket to experience time scale expansion !...

28th October 2004 :
A universal symbolism has been unwittingly involved while creating the Explora CD Album visual, which most of us would link to the Freemasonry or to the Ancient Egypt. Pyramidal geometry, "all-seing-eye", "Compass"...Here are few explanations.

19th October 2004
Back from Venice : "Recomposed" Sound Recordings from the famous "Della Salute" Basilica .Some "sonic Impressions" in mp3 format available in the Audio-Space Section

05th October 2004
An additional PDF Documentation for the NEURON Users: A personal documentation I created to serve the NEURON users community : French translation of the MODEL Maker Par-sets. Personal feellings reflected throughout subjective terms dispatched in a table : A table to quickly identify the expected sonic results while manipulating on the "Resynators". MIDI Controllers CCs listed in an efficient pictorial presentation etc.

22nd July 2004
The NEURON synthesizer designed by Hartmann has joined the Studio . A dedicated page explains the amazing capabilities of such powerfull synthesizer. Combined with the Kyma system and the K5000R additive synthesizer, these 3 instruments are unique sound design tools available.

30th June 2004
The "audio- Space" section is now available - Audio examples will follow.

12th June 2004
The CS6R synthesizer modue has now been fully expanded with 2 identical PLG150-AN analog modeling boards. The CS6R is now capable of playing analog sounds over 2 distinct parts (in performance mode) with 10 notes polyphony. Together with the other instruments, the studio has now a potential of 48 notes polyphony over 3 different analog modeling synthesis developped by Korg, Access and Yamaha.

19th April 2004
Projects Area is now open. S.K.W isn't registered as is in miscellaneous famous internet seach engines. Hence, your S.K.W visit doesn't result from a random fact or action : Milia and MIPTv 2004 participants, you're all welcome to enter the "Projects" area as an Interactive project has just started. The idea behind ICP (Interactive Composition Project) concept is to unleash a musical composition under construction to improve it's content thanks to an interaction between composer and listeners online.

31st March, 1st - 02nd April 2004
MILIA Colocated with MipTV Forum - Palais des Festivals - Cannes - FRANCE. MILIA is the leading global forum for the interactive industries. Now in it’s 11th year, it attracts over 1400 leaders from 722 companies from 48 countries. As the world of television content merges with interactivity, broadband and mobile, both events, MILIA and MipTV are the perfect fit.MILIA - The World Interactive Content Forum ( / MipTV - The International Television Programme Market (

28th Feb. 2004
The Capybara320 is now expanded with 2 additional 88Mhz Motorola DSPs, hence adding further horsepower for processing and creating new sounds. This makes a total of 10 DSPs, about equivalent to a 800Mhz pentium processor exclusively dedicated for Sound Design operations.
A classy B&W scrollbar design has been generated for the entire website.

2nd - 5th February 2004
Imagina 2004- Grimaldi Forum - Monaco - FRANCE. Over 3000 delegates are expected and Imagina will propose to all industrials a unique occasion to mix business and communication, with a strong media presence. (

24th January 2004
Upload of Sylvain Kepler Website. New version's website is still under construction. A a new album is preparing.