Imagina 2004 - Monaco / Grimaldi Forum

Grimaldi Forum - Monaco

Imagina Trade Show, Monday 2nd February, 17h45.

Brigitta Zics (Academy of Media Arts of Cologne) shown me her "VirtuAlcor" accelerated evolution system. The VIRTUALCOR PROJECT is a complex virtual design system to be used in interactive interfaces. Based on the latest scientific research results in the areas of biology, engineering and physics, visons and predictions of the future are presented in an artistic manner. The realization of the research results is taking place on the content level, as well as on the technical level. The VirtuAlcor Institute is a virtual Life Extension Foundation. It is a virtual Freezer, a Cold Storage Laboratory in which a body can be frozen in the shape of an avatar for eternity. Our biological bodies are only changeable and redefinable to a limited extent , whereas the bodies living in Virtual Space are not confined by phyical laws. The Identity technology of VirtuAlcor mirrors the physical body in Cyberspace. The Cyberbody is modified by the user based on algorithmic formulas. During this process a personal relation between user and avatar body develops. This relationship to the body in Virtual Reality influences the user on an individual, subjective level and extends his self consciousness by adding to the so far known experience of the Self a further level – the Self in Virtual Space, a bipolar broadening of the beholders consciousness.

Digitrace develops three-dimensional animation and interactive multimedia materials, utilizing the most sophisticated technology in its quest for creativity. In 2001, the corporation took advantage of the opportunity to produce the first full-lengh 3-D feature film in Italian. "L'apetta Giulia e la Signora Vita" ("little bee Julie and lady life"). A pioneering undertakng without precedent in italy, so big and complex as to require the production of a render farm, the most powerful on the national market with its 150 processors. the project completed successfully after nearly two years of work, confirmed Digitrace as Italy's leading corporation in 3-D animation and among the most important in Europe. Today Digitrace is industrially set up for the production of three dimensional materials, capable of contributing to the communications market new media and on-line services. Current projet " Leo's Story".

Swerve is a complete, powerful and scaleable solution for the rapid creation and over the air (OTA) deployment of console quality 3D Java (JSR 184) and native (incl. Symbian and BREW) applications on wireless devices. Developed in close collaboration with ARM, it has been designed to work at maximum efficiency within the constraints imposed by mobile handsets, and benefits from the support of world-class players in the mobile industry. In few words, thanks to Swerve, it will be now possible to embed 3D games in Handsets (Mobiles etc...).

Mark Podlaseck shown me his "IBM Glass Engine". The IBM glass engine enables deep navigation in the music of Philip Glass. Personal interests, associations, and impulses guide the listener through an expanding selection of over sixty Glass works. The demonstration led me to give some feedback about possible adaptation of such program in the context of sound design and composition works. I remember myself having sliced 3hours of my own musical improvisation and stored the song 'bits' in various folders relevant to particular moods. The main goal of this was abling an astute selection of samples or original music pieces to destinate them to a specific use when the opportunity arrises. I also suggested such program may find some application in browsing huge samples library when it comes about finding the most appropriate sounds while working on a musical arrangments.

Since its establishment in 1989 The National Centre for Computer Animation has pioneered both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in computer visualisation and animation, conducted research of international significance (achieving a research grade 5 in the latest national research assessment exercise), has pioneered the production of computer animated simulation rides in the UK and its students and staff have had their work screened internationally and have gained numerous prizes. Computer animation is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of creative endeavour and technical development. Some of the more visible applications of 3D computer animation are seen in animated sequences in feature films and television, digital special effects in feature films, computer games, computer animated simulation rides and interactive virtual environments .

"I want to make 3D !" : In the visual universe that surround us, nothing really escapes to the picture processing. LISAA (which actually stands for Academy of Media Arts in French) is a school oriented in teaching studients various professional profiles related to the grapgics industry : post production, game design, 2D and 3D production.