EXPLORA - Egyptian and Freemasonry' s symbolism

Creating the Explora CD Album visual, I unwittingly featured a universal symbolism, which most of us would link to the Freemasonry or to the Ancient Egypt. The "Explora" Logo features a Square shaped E and a Compass shaped A. The visual presents an 'all seeing eye' placed in a geometrical scene where the Columns placed on both sides form a pyramidal frame that shelters the famous "all-seeing-eye" with it's life producing rays.


The Eye of Ra
Took on several guises in Ancient Egypt: As the "Ouadjit" it was a form of measurement. It is comprised of six hieroglyphs, each representing a different fraction. The sum of the hieroglyphs is 63/64. The absolute is unobtainable. This concept is related in the myth of Osiris. According to the Freemasonry, It represents the all-seeing eye of God. International Imports mentions that the all-seeing eye is the third eye of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is a form of divination and the Bible specifically warns us not to practice any form of divination. J. Edward Decker, Jr. reports that "The 'All-Seeing Eye' is a Masonic representation of Osiris." Osiris is the Egyptian god of the dead (and of the underworld) and part of the "Masonic trinity" to whom Masons pay honor.

The All-Seeing Eye : a single human eye surrounded by radiating beams of light -- is found in many eras and cultures. It is generally a symbol of the watchful and protective power of the Supreme Being, especially when that entity is considered in a solar or heavenly context

Square and Compass
The Square :
Blue Lodge Masons are taught that the Square is to remind them that they must be "square" in their dealings with all men, i.e., to be honest. The Compass, they are taught, is to teach them to "circumscribe their passions," i.e. to control their desires and to be temperate. The real meaning of these "great lights," however, is sexual. The Square represents the female (passive) generative principle, the earth, and the baser, sensual nature; and the Compass represents the male (active) generative principle, the sun/heavens, and the higher, spiritual nature.
The Compass :

Compass, arranged above the Square, symbolizes the (male) Sun, impregnating the passive (female) Earth with its life-producing rays. The true meanings, then are two-fold: the earthly (human) representations are of the man and his phallus, and the woman with her receptive cteis (vagina).

Square and Compass : The cosmic meaning is that of the active Sun (deity, the Sun-god) from above, imparting life into the passive Earth, (deity, the earth/fertility goddess) below and producing new life.