Neural Synthesizer Motherboard's BIOS Parameters


Following to recent hardware modifications I provided to my own machine (new processor, new but identical motherboard, new HD etc), I took this occasion to take snapshots of the original Neuron 's internal motherboard BIOS . Please find below these snapshots that will help Neuron users community in the future as a reference in case these BIOS parameters could be lost (because of a too low voltage lithium battery or if it comes to you the idea to implement some new hardware such as a new identical motherboard). You' ll notice that some board features such as the legacy audio and the agp parameters have been set to the minimum.

Standard CMOS Features

Advanced BIOS Features

Advanced BIOS Features (part2)

Advanced Chipset Features

Advanced Chipset Features (part2)

Power Management Setup

Intergated Peripherals

Intergated Peripherals (part2)

PnP/PCI Configurations

PC Health Status

Frequency/Voltage Control