You are welcome to this section to listen to the first composition works that will enter in my future musical projects. The following musical tracks form the most up to date musical "portfolio" which will bring to you a "sonic taste" of my creations and capabilities. The music below can be considered as a reference point for all kind of possible and furure collaboration.

>> Fractalis<<
CD Quality Mp3 File 5.13 Mb - Genre : Ambient (5'35'').
"Fractalis" is an original musical composition that has been played live taking advantage of most of the synthesizers now present in the studio. Help yourslef !

>>I.C.P. N°001 (Interactive Composition Project) Remastered Version<<
192kb/s quality Mp3 File 7.6 Mb - Genre : Trance (5'24'').

>>Kyma Sonic World Chapter 1 - Excerpt from EXPLORA Album : Nucleopolis<<
256kb/s quality Mp3 File 10.1 Mb - Genre : Melodic Trance (5'31'').