The studio, in which my artworks take place, is astutely organised: By analogy with the Human Body, the work is controlled from a 'nerve center' distinguished by two working grounds I called 'hemispheres' .Both 'Hemispheres' pilot in parallel all the synthesizers (the 'organs') located in the peripheral area via a 'cerebral bridge' formed by interfaces. This Studio is an adapted environment for music, film sound, advertising, post production, sound design for computer games, the web and other immersive environments.

Studio Overview

One title's creation often starts by recording the original composition into a standalone synthesizer-workstation. I called 'Auditivo-time' hemisphere that work level since the workstation is convenient for everything that needs to be quickly and sequentially entered, to manipulate abstract concepts, for musical structuration works. The other hemisphere, called 'Visuo-space' hemisphere is a computer environment. Not just a computer. A computer is versatile and used for composition, sound design, sound recording and so on. It's consequently used for concrete tasks and parallel operations. Those two creation 'hemispheres' communicate in parallel with a net of synthesizers. Each synthesizer is located at each branch of a 'star' scheme. The so called 'star' network allows one to avoid delays specific to MIDI daisy chains and to make sure that all musical order will be executed in mean time and in the right condition

Studio Synopsis