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Chasing Sounds...

When I was child, I always dreamt of "absorbing" the real world with a mic in order to recreate my own sonic universe.

Since a few years, a handy digital piece of equipment follows me everywhere, placed in my luggages, while travelling for a few days or weeks, for close or far destinations. A 'sounds notepad' called "DAT" machine. Hence I gathered a significant sound library.

I explored ( and still continue to do so ) many natural sounds and contexts. Perhaps, my first Album 'Explora' suggested me in a sense what would be the continuation of my musical artworks for the future. Indeed, my next production will be all fed with that large sonic "heritage".

Every day we wake up surrounded by familiar sounds, and our life consists of cycles. Sometimes, if we get out of the routine, we intuitively realise that there are sounds that we never take the time to appreciate. Beyond such apparent cycle, there are sounds that are structured over a wider course : you' d need watching the stars for a long while to read the celestial rotation for example. This is also the case when it comes about a traffic jam, the sea waves, the thunder, the wind...these come and go statistically, a bit like the sea waves, a stronger one will come surely about every 10 splashes...Wider and slow cycles such as the sun or the star 's movement in the sky. Taking the time, we can perceive what is 'behind'. Processing these sounds allows one to accelerate these cycles to make them further obvious, to magnify them...

Here are sounds I recorded so far : Wind, Icebergs, Sand, Rocks, Shingles, Sea, Rivers, Waterfalls, Geysers, Mudpots, Sulfatars, Commercial Planes, Cicadas, Crickets, Churches, Thunder, Rain, Windmills, Glaciers, Cliffs, Honey Bees, Green Houses, Butterflies, Polar Desert, Aurora VLF sounds…

Recording "spherics" in a Polar Desert, Windmills in Donegal (Ireland) or The Most Powerfull Waterfall in Europe...
(Roll the mouse over the picture below to play the original sampled recording. Click to magnifya picture)

The use of sound editing software helps to reveal these particular features in a visual manner. Hence, both eyes and ears allow one to filter to most desirable sonic substances and events out from the whole original recording. Like separating gold, then come some sound editing sessions, so we enter the foundry. All then becomes possible. The fined sounds are like pigments involved in a pictorial expression from which can emerge a new entity.

Recording sounds lets suppose recording a scene, a soundscape... The sea waves for instance... The sea, as we, humans, we use to hear it. But what would actually hear the anemones or the crabs? What if we were as small as these little creatures since their 'heartbeat' and life go faster than ours ? What about the various paths that the water takes when the tide goes down? What about the water splashes inside the cavernous rocks ? So are the questions which I tend to answer while manipulating on my electronic equipment. Since sound results from materials and fluids movement, recording sounds is not only about just recording a scene. It's also recording resonances and formal sonic signatures (formants, impulse responses) inherent to the rocks, the wood, the ground, the plants etc.

Following the age of the Analog Synthesizers, the Age of the Samplers ,today, a new gender of instruments is born : designed for manipulating and exploring sounds in a completely new way unlike the samplers do. Today they are about 2 or 3 of his kind to my knowledge. One of them is called the NEURON.

The NEURON "learns" the sounds via a software called the MODEL Maker . Neuron's computer algorithms are able do distinguish patterns in what would appear to be unconstructed data records. Like the Human ability to recognize familiar faces even under very difficult conditions, Neuron's engine recognizes in an audio sample the formative properties of a sound, and puts these at the user's fingertips in the form of parameters. This deductive and learning ability is called artificial intelligence. It takes tremendously advanced technology called Intelligent Neural synthesis to add one of these properties to an existing sound or to substract the former from the latter. Two "Resynators" ( as a result of the fusion of the words Re-Synthesis and Oscillator) can be blended in multiple manners. Very complex and unexpected sound combinations can result out of these features. Neuron can create sounds that can't be implemented with any other Instrument. The results are always amazing and very personal.

Here are pictorial "translations" of my sonic creations. These pictures have been made up with some pictures taken in the places where I've been and where my sounds were recorded.

A blend of fuzzy drinks whispers and Auroras
The Wind puffing in the sand
Green House Effect
A city lost in an Iceberglike scape
The tree's roots force to crackle the rocks

Back From Venice : During a couple of minutes, I recorded the atmosphere, the resonating sounds, the movement of the objects, the people's steps inside Della Salute Basilica... The random sonic events were then "localised", isolated, processed and then rendered such they sounded "magnified" or "transmuted". I now propose you a 40sec sound design composition that you will juge by yourself. Thanks for listening.!

Basilica Della Salute Sonic Impressions.mp3

Giving life to sounds
: A Sound Design project is about to begin soon and deals with spectra manipulations. First it will be purely synthesis but could target sampled sounds. It will take time, a few months probably (eventually a year)... The result is expected to be promising or curious. Once complete, I'll post sounds in mp3 or wav formats but details on this particular idea will remain out of reach. I may protect the 'formula' a bit like a piece of music, or may share the principe with designers for future musical instruments...Anyway, sure it will enter my future musical composition.