Roland XV-5080


ROLAND XV-5080 v1.25 / SRJV80-04 / 128MB - Roland's most powerful and
best-sounding digital synthesizer to date

The XV5080 is Roland's most powerful and best-sounding digital synthesizer to date. It can cover almost all sound-generating requirements and it was hard to resist…

Unlike older Roland synths, the heart of the XV engine uses stereo PCM waveforms and, with well over 1000 multisamples, the XV5080 offers more than four times the ROM of the previous 'JV' models. This includes all the JV2080 waveforms, many waves from the respected JD990 module, and still more from Roland's extensive sample libraries. With huge editing potential and literally hundreds of Patches, Performances, and Rhythm Kits taking advantage of these waveforms to take us quite some time to fathom the depths of this synthesizer.

The XV5080 also offers extensive sample replay options. I expanded the internal memory with 128Mb RAM, and use this to load Roland S-series samples, Akai S1000/3000 samples, WAVs and AIFFs.

Other physical feature become apparent on the XV5080's rear panel, which has two additional analogue outputs, plus digital S/PDIF and optical outputs. There are also two MIDI Ins, a SCSI port, a word clock input, and Roland's proprietary R-Bus interface for direct connection to its V-series digital mixers.

The inclusion of the RSS Algorithms is a big step forward. Also the inclusion of the Roland's COSM guitar modelled effects, first seen in the V-Guitar, make the guitar simulations in the XV5080 far more authentic than those of any previous Roland synthesizer or sampler.

The XV5080 As Sample-Playback Machine : Akai Samples, WAVs & AIFFs

Powerful, high-quality synthesis. Sample-replay capabilities. Generous display. Decent multitimbrality. Eight expansion slots. Good-quality effects, including COSM-modelled guitar effects. Eight analogue outputs. Digital I/O

I added the SRJV 80-04 Pcm expansion, providing the XV5080 with a batch of vintage analog waves.