Yamaha CS6R


YAMAHA CS6R v1.61 & 2x PLG150-AN

20 Multitimbral Parts
With 64-Note Polyphony Both the CS6x and CS6R provide support for up to 20 different voice parts (16 internal + 2 plug-in + 1 A/D input + 1 phrase clip), allowing you to produce fully arranged songs. And with 64 notes of polyphony, you can create thick-layered sounds and complex rhythm arrangements without worrying about voices dropping out of the mix.

Digital Effects
Effects are an important part of the sound creation process, and to ensure you have all the signal processing power you need, the CS6R feature an advanced DSP chip that allows up to 5 independent effects to be used simultaneously. Over 100 high-quality digital effects are provided, ranging from spacious echoes and reverbs to special effects such as Auto Synth and Beat Change.

Individual Outputs
In addition to their main stereo outputs, the CS6R have two individual audio output jacks, allowing you to process specific voices, or even the A/D input signal, through an external effects processor or separate channels on a mixing board.

Phrase Clip
Not only do the CS6R feature a killer selection of onboard voices, they also allow you to sample your own sounds, making them the ideal tool for dance music producers, DJs and remix artists. Both synths feature a generous 4MB of sampling memory for creating drum loops, sound effects and other phrase samples. Once a phrase is sampled, you can use the Loop Remix/LoopDivide function to create new sample variations without using up additional sample memory.

Multi-Mode Filters
The CS6R feature some of the fattest, most dynamic sounds available in a synth today. To achieve such an incredible sound, these synths employ multi- mode filters in their voice architecture, allowing a combination of resonant filters to be assigned individually to each note—a low pass and high pass filter, for example. As a result, the onboard voices deliver more punch and expression.

A/D Input
Add a creative edge to your music by plugging an external audio source—such as a microphone, CD player, or even another synthesizer—into the CS6R and running the signal through the onboard digital effects processor. For even more creative versatility, you can use the A/D input in conjunction with the PLG100-VH plug-in board to add powerful harmony or vocoding effects to your voice.

Smart Media Storage
The CS6R is equipped with a SmartMedia memory card slot, allowing you to store keyboard data, including phrase clips, SMF sequences, voices and performance setups, conveniently on SmartMedia cards. A SmartMedia card can also serve as an extra voice bank for a wider selection of onboard sounds.


Expansion :
The CS6R in the studio has been fully expanded with two identical PLG150-AN boards. 'AN' stands for Analog :the CS6R offers in its current configuration additional tools for creating warm analog sounds. By Using two PLG150AN Boards, the CS6R is capable of playing 10 additional analog modeled notes ( 20 oscillators in all ) that can be dispatched over 2 multitimbral parts ( 5 notes per part )in perfomance mode. See below for the PLG board description :
The Ultimate Analog-Synth Board - reproduce the fat and resonant sounds of vintage analog synthesizers. On top of its full array of wave algorithms, resonant filters, LFOs, and envelope generators, it also has distortion and a 3-band equalizer. Adds physically modeled analog synthesis to the Modular Synthesis Plug-in Systems. Offers 256 voices: from vintage sounds to the newest dance sounds. Tone Generation System Analog Physical Modeling: 2 VCO(OSCILLATOR & FM), Ring Modulator, Noise, VCF(FEG), VCA(AEG), PEG, 2 LFO, Arpeggio/Step Sequencer Generator, 4 Track FreeEG. Polyphony 5 notes maximum.