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The 'Ozone Times' track
(excerpt composed in 1991)

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Fourrier Trivia
Neuron Resources Revival !

The Einstein's Legacy
Voyager Interstellar Record
The Benji Jump Experience
A sonic Journey In venice
The Neural Synthesizer
ICP001 mp3 track Remastered
Visual & Freemasonry matters

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"Music has no frontiers. Electronic instruments allow us to compose music to the millisecond. All kind of sounds and harmonies can be meticulously blended like never before. The sound generation sources are the most varied. Synthesizers can emulate real and imaginary. Digital recordings authorise one to capture the real to faithfully replay it, to make it perfect or even to fully transform it. Even mathematical or scientific sound tools take part to the artistic activities. Musical composition becomes close to a sonic Architecture in which each single sound idea has to be sculpted to form and transmit emotions. Finally, the piece composed thanks to the synthesizers is a thread for the listener who discovers intended sonic pictures. Electronic music is figurative. It's music but it's also history and travel. Thank you all for visiting my website".